TCT Brasil oficializa a distribuição autorizada dos modulos LPWAN, LTE e GPS/GNSS da SIMCom

Today with great honor we announce the beginning of a formal partnership as a franchised distributor in Brazil with SIMCom Wireless Solutions, a leading provider in the field of LPWAN, LTE and GPS/GNSS modules.
This partnership is a very important step forward to position the company as a leading specialized distributor in our emerging LPWAN environment, providing technical and commercial support in technologies like NB1 – NB2 – catM – cat1 and cat4. Those technologies will enable endless possibilities in several verticals that couldn’t be imagined few years ago.
A special thanks to Mr. Ronaldo Xavier head of Brazilian operation and his team, that gave us a great support and guidance during the process to start this promising partnership!
Let’s make it happen!!!

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